Thursday, June 18, 2009


He made it through the procedure!!!!!! We'll know how much it helped within hours. I've just talked with Dr. Steinberg. He doesn't know to what extent the valve was causing the breathing problems; it could have been 50%, 75%, etc. He believes it was a big part of it. He also said that, based on yesterday's x-ray, there wasn't enough fluid on the lungs to risk putting needles in to drain fluid.

Thank you, Lord!!! And Dr. Steinberg and team.


CarolinaDreamz said...

*big hug* So glad to hear your news.
~Heidi @

Sherry said...

From DEE:
Hi again Sherry..

Read your blog that Carroll was out of surgery and you were awaiting the Dr.s visit to tell how things went.

I typed up a message for him on the blog where it said to leave a message, but I don’t think it went threw.

Anyways, I just wanted him to know that I was “Dee” one of your dance students (the one with the two left feet) and that I too am a Braves fan AFTER the Red sox of course (being that I’m from CT.) And that maybe the team would “perk up” if they went threw the same “procedure” that he just did.

It just might put “new life” back into all of them. I wish you both the best!!! Hope he gets well fast….YOU and the Braves both need him!!

Dee Barrera