Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Wednesday Night Update

The Dawg didn't have a real good night last night. He got up around 4 AM and just couldn't breathe. Today he's had a hard time breathing -- but he is certainly where he needs to be. The valvoplasty is supposed to help with this significant problem; if it does, we will know immediately. As mentioned before, it's a medical procedure, and almost all medical procedures have risks. Dr. Steinberg told us there is 5% chance of death, a 5% chance of stroke -- but that leaves a whopping 90% otherwise, so those are pretty good odds, don't you think?

The Dawg is too short of breath to talk on the phone or to talk to anyone. Maybe by Thursday night, he'll be talking up a storm.

Carroll's blood sugar has been very high today, reaching 305 at one point. It has lowered some - to 234 -- but not enough. Everyone believes this is because of some of the medications he has had to take.

Here are the two people who will be putting up Carroll and me tonight. They are Nicole and Chris.

No one has given us an exact time for the valvoplasty, but we've been told it will be Thursday afternoon. It's anticipated that The Dawg will spend one night in ICU following the procedure.

Keep him in your prayers, okay?


CarolinaDreamz said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers are flowing in from Summerville.. God Speed! ~Heidi @

Anonymous said...

You know we're all with you!! Pat