Friday, June 19, 2009

Again, It's Superman - and More of the Wonderful MUSC Folks

Superman a/k/a Dr. Steinberg came by The Dawg's room this afternoon. He says Carroll will probably be released Saturday morning.

Here's Jennifer, the day nurse in his new room.

This is Judy from Respiratory Therapy.

I caught Tarra by surprise - and she still looks nice!

Here's the big smile that brought Carroll's food to him. I think he said his name is Tim, but I'm not certain -- but he certainly was nice and friendly.

Tiffany is Carroll's nurse tonight. Boy, she'll have her hands full!

Tesha is another person with one of those beautiful smiles -- even while she's working.

Charlotte is helping with Carroll's medical care tonight. She has always lived in the lowcountry.

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