Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Garden City

The Dawg, Mom and I came to Mom's condo in Garden City (Greater Myrtle Beach) so that she could see if any work or repairs needed to be done. We're also having a good time.

The Dawg has NOT lost his appetite. Look at this morning's breakfast when he was already about 1/3 through!!! He had French toast, sausage, hash browns, grits -- and maybe I'm forgetting something. Here are the three of us on the balcony and then just the two of us.

Becky came over tonight; she works at Channel 10 in Myrtle Beach. Some of her stories have been picked by stations in other markets.

He also got a call from Jeffrey tonight and was glad to hear from him.

Here's The Dawg twice! He's sitting near a mirrored wall in the condo, so his mirrored image is shown as well.

This has been enjoyable -- and it's only been a bit over 24 hours so far.
Well, mostly enjoyable. The Braves lost in overtime tonight.

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