Thursday, June 18, 2009

Relief is Getting Closer

Dr. Timothy is meeting with us right now, going over risks and the procedure itself.

Here are some of the risks he mentioned, while saying it is a moderate to high-risk procedure:

vascular damage or kidney damage
damage to organ
perforation of the ventricle - 1% to 2%
stroke - 2 to 5
death - 2 to 5 per cent
heart attack - 2 to 5 per cent
allergic reaction
needing emergent surgery
needing blood transfusion

All of the risks listed that do not have percentages by them seem to be less than 2%.
This is a bit different from what we had been told before but Carroll says anything is better than the way he is right now.
Here are Dr. Timothy and Kelly; they are going over the risks and such with Carroll.

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