Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Around Noon

Carroll got more sleep last night than he did the night before. He went a little longer between breathing treatments after the one at 4 AM.

Pam called last night and he talked just a bit to her on the phone.

He has still had absolutely no pain in the groin area where the catheter was inserted. That's good news.

Carroll is still really weak. He isn't eating much, but he's eating a little. He doesn't seem to have much of an appetite and prefers food that doesn't require much effort to eat.

He is still having the vision problems he experienced Friday in the hospital. We think it's just the left eye but we know it's on the left side of what he's is trying to see, whether it's the TV, the newspaper or anything else. This has frustrated him a lot.

Note to anyone who calls: I am almost always in the room with him when I answer the phone. If you call and ask how he is or for an update -- especially if there has been a worsening or change -- I am not willing to say those things in front of him. And if I don't say much at all, he always wants to know what the discussion was about when I get off of the phone. In other words, you might not get the whole story on the phone.

Carroll tires easily. He doesn't mind visitors if the visits are relatively short. In fact, I believe visits are good for him, although he would never admit it. Part of his hesitation is that he doesn't want people to see him in a weakened condition. So, if you come visit, please be positive and upbeat -- and know that sometimes it's quite an effort for him to talk.

In the few minutes since a I started typing this, he seems to have gotten better than he was earlier. This is typical, though. Some good times, some that are not so good. He just talked to Vic on the phone and sounded pretty good, maybe the best since he has gotten out of the hospital. That's good news!

We just heard from MUSC regarding his follow-up appointments, so they are now scheduled.

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