Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update: Sunday the 21st

It's Father's Day, and Carroll got to spend several hours with Vic, his son. Vic stayed at the house while I taught Sunday School and went to church, then picked up a few things from the grocery store.
When I got back, Carroll had a room full of visitors: Vic, Edie, Courtney, Chuck and Pat.

Loads of people asked about Carroll at church, some of whom he had known since his days at the shipyard, some relatively new friends and other acquaintances. He's had loads of prayers lifted up for him.
Diane Lyles brought one of her famous pound cakes to us. She must have the best recipe in the world for pound cakes.
Lisa came by mid-afternoon; she and I gabbed enough to put Carroll to sleep.
Becky called this afternoon and he talked to her. It was brief, because he doesn't have much energy.
A little later, Edie brought by two plates of food for us. Yummy, as usual.

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