Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Carroll got a good night's sleep last night - at least after midnight. Before that time, he was agitated, complaining and saying he wasn't comfortable and couldn't breathe. With the help of Benadryl and Mirapex (the latter for his restless leg problems) he was able to sleep in a recliner. He didn't wake up until about 10 AM and then not completely; he still wants to sleep, which is good - at least in some ways.

There is much more fluid build-up in his lungs. His team of doctors is consulting with the pulmonologists about draining the fluid some time today. This is the same procedure that was done over at Summerville Medical in May. It helps tremendously but only until the fluid builds up again.

A BIPAP has just been brought into his room; this will help breathe more easily. Based on the new ABG test done this morning, he is retaining a lot of gas (carbon dioxide) in his lungs, which is not good. The BIPAP will help him with this. Annette, the RT, said he would feel like he is in a wind tunnel while using it.

That's all of the news for right now. We're still in CCU at 10:45 A.M.

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