Sunday, June 28, 2009

The End

This was a short-lived blog, much as my life with Carroll. It was way too short.
The blog started on May 14th as a way to update family and friends during Carroll's hospital stay at Summerville Medical Center. I thought it would be a short-lived blog because I thought he would recover during that stretch in the hospital and then go home -- and we'd live happily ever-after.

Such was not the case.

His life on earth ended and, thus, so does this blog.

Carroll was such an interesting and multi-faceted person that I could probably write about him for days and days and days. However, I'm shutting down this blog. (Note: A tree will be planted in Summerville in memory of Carroll; I will post that info when the date is set, but it should be posted on this blog as well as on mine.)

I've just added a post about him on my regular blog; that link is below.

Thanks to all of you who have helped care for him, who have prayed for him and who have just been there in so many ways when we needed you. We have appreciated your comments here as well.

God bless!

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