Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Dawg is home from the hospital. He's on oxygen 24/7 but at least he is home, out of the dress (hospital gown) and into regular clothes.

This is Mandy. She's the one who wheeled him and the oxygen tank out to my car from his hospital room. It's ironic that she was the last one we saw, because she is a big Braves fan, just like Carroll. So is her husband, Harrison. (My daughter is named Mandy and her son is Harrison.)

I've sorta moved in and taken over the extra bedroom at Carroll's house for the time being 'cause he needs someone around all the time right now.

He'll have follow-up with Dr. Steinberg next week.

Vic, Edie & Jeffrey were at his house when he got back from the hospital; they helped get his belongings inside. Jeffrey hooked up a router so that I could have internet access anywhere in the house -- thank goodness! Edie brought boiled peanuts, one of Carroll's favorites (which I MIGHT share with him.) They live a few doors down and are available and willing any time he needs anything.

Lisa came by and visited for a while. She also offered to help in any way that we needed.

John came by yesterday afternoon at the hospital; he, too, has offered to help.

Tonight, Carroll gets to watch the Braves from inside his own home! Yippee!!!

Carroll and I are both blessed with such good friends and we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers.


John Clark said...

Hi Carroll and Sherry, excelent news!
Tell Carroll to make sure the Brave win again like last night!


Anonymous said...

YEA!!! I am so glad you are home! Now get well would ya!? :)
miss ya and will see you soon. LOVE YOU