Monday, June 22, 2009

Update: Monday mid-afternoon

Carroll said he is weaker this afternoon than he was yesterday. He asked for a wheelchair. He says he cannot walk to the bathroom or to the bedroom. The last few walks have been with him holding onto me. Unfortunately, the hall is not quite wide enough for him and for my hips at the same time, but we're getting there. I called Dr. Bolster and just received a call back that he is ordering a wheelchair.

Because of the vision problem in his left eye, Carroll says he cannot work the crosswords or read much of the newspaper; he gets frustrated trying to watch TV.

Dr. Steinberg said to let Carroll eat whatever he wants to eat. He had pound cake and milk for breakfast (his request) and half a banana for lunch. I'll probably try to get him to eat something else after he wakes up and has his breathing treatment.

He has had a hard time sleeping. His coughing wakes him up; trying to catch his breath wakes him up; the ringing phone wakes him up (I'm trying to figure out how to turn the ringer off or way, way down.)

There have been 12 calls from people today who want to know how he is. Loads of people care a lot about him, but I just cannot give complete information when he is listening. His vision might have been affected somewhat, but his hearing hasn't been. If I give one-word answers or vague answers, he asks about the conversation when I hang up. Hope y'all understand. That's another reason for trying to keep everyone informed by blog instead of phone.
The good news is Carroll's attitude. Even though he said he is weaker, he tells me he is going to get better and he tells me things he is going to do when he gets better.


Joan Brantley said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and especially Carroll. If there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to ask!

susan said...

We are praying for Caroll and for you.

Susan and Danny