Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of the Dawg House

The Dawg was out of the "dawg-house" on Friday for a while. Here he is at O'Lacy's with friends Chuck Krusey (left) and Danny Seay (right.) Do you any idea what Carroll is looking at when these pictures were taken?

Did you guess he was looking a pretty woman?
That's not it. See? He's looking up.

It's an Atlanta Braves game, of course!

Unfortunately, Saturday was his worst day. Sunday was just a tiny bit better. Monday was a little better but still not good. It's the shortness of breath that is a problem; he is quite weak because of the shortness of breath.

Monday night, Courtney brought down some spaghetti Edie made. It was delicious! We also received one humongous chicken pot pie which Jane Hartwig left in the refrigerator at St. Luke's for us.

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