Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update 7 pm Tuesday the 16th

The Dawg says this is the "helpingest" place he's ever seen. There have been people in and out all afternoon - helping, helping, helping. Of course, sometimes the helping has been with needles! He's had an EKG, x-ray, blood work, etc.

The food looks and smells delicious. I get to watch while he eats! He had roast beef, baked potato, salad, pudding -- and said it's probably the best hospital food he has ever had. Me? I'm starving!

By the way, Carroll has requested no visitors until he has recuperated from the procedure on Thursday. It will be easier for him to talk and carry on conversations after that. Right now the shortness of breath keeps him from talking comfortably, so he's trying to stay off of the phone and to talk very little.

The doctors have said he'll probably stay in the hospital for 2 or 3 days following the valvoplasty. Since Dr. Steinberg said Carroll will feel better immediately, my guess is that he'll be eager to leave.

Amazingly, there is an Internet connection in his room; the TV is Internet-capable, so The Dawg will have the opportunity to see every comment left on this blog (if he is willing to use the Internet.) I enjoy having the Internet in here.

And he's already found the TV channel for tonight's Braves baseball game.

This is Dr. Jenkins. Aside from having a great sense of humor, she brought us some good news today. The MRI from last week showed "there is nothing in his brain." And there is nothing new from the PET scan either!!!! These are two very good reports.

Susie is a respiratory therapist. She brings The Dawg his breathing treatments.

Don't you think Penny looks like she's having too much fun?

Here's one of several doctors we met with today and who answered some of Carroll's questions. He's Dr. Townsend.

Shan is another one who seems to be having too much fun with those needles. I didn't feel a thing!

This is Dr. Steinberg. He will perform the procedure on Thursday; at this point he says it may be Thursday afternoon, although it could be Thursday morning. Dr. Steinberg doesn't believe he needs to hurry it by pushing it up 'til Wednesday because all tests look good so far. He's been highly recommended, even though he's a Phillies fan.

Well, the Braves game is on - and The Dawg is sound asleep. I'm keeping the ringer on my cell phone off in the hospital so that the ringing won't disturb him and so that my talking won't bother him.

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John Clark said...

Hi Carroll, wow the food sounds great. I might visit you just to get a bite!

I'm glad they can do the "valve job." It sounds like it will go smoothly.

You'll need your strength back to plant your tree before it gets so big you'll need one of Bud's tractors to dig the hole!

Good luck on Thursday, (or today if they are able to do it earlier) and don't forget to give Sherry some time off...you know she gonna bill you for overtime!

Love John