Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Update

The Dawg is still quite weak, especially if he moves around.

Loads of folks asked about him at St. Luke's today.

Vic called him today and reminded him to use his home breathing treatment. He feels better after each one, at least for a while.

Yes, the Braves won again today -- that's three in a row against Toronto -- so he's in a good mood.
The Dawg played baseball -- and basketball, by the way - in his younger years. In fact, he played baseball in Europe for the Air Force.

He has mentioned a certain movie he wants to see, but we're not certain he has the strength to even go to a movie.

Lisa, Jake and Ben visited him tonight and brought boiled peanuts.
Since Monday is a holiday, we don't expect to find out the results of the tests done on Friday but we certainly are anxious about them.

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