Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the Hospital

The Dawg’s open heart surgery - scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th - has been postponed.
That’s because he’s in the hospital with lung problems.

After an initial x-ray, his doctor thought the spots on his lungs might be cancer. Now, after a follow-up MRI, it seems that he may have pneumonia instead. His doctor asked him to come into his office this morning and decided to put him in the hospital immediately.
The lung specialist saw him this afternoon at the hospital.

Pneumonia is what they’re treating him for right now anyway – with intravenous antibiotics. Actually, he’s on three kinds of antibiotics. There also may be some fluid in his lungs because of his defective heart valve.

One of the doctors said Carroll most likely will be in the hospital about 5 to 7 days. Any infection of any sort must be completely cleared up before he can have the surgery to replace his heart valve.

He's in pretty good spirits. That's because he just found a Georgia Bulldogs football game on TV. You're probably thinking it's not football season. You're right; it's not the right season. It's a game that's almost 13 years old!

As long as it's Georgia, the year of the game doesn't matter!

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