Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 6 in the Hospital Part 3

The Dawg and I were both in his room when we started hearing a strange noise, which is not terribly unusual in the hospital. Something's always beeping. Maybe his IV monitor; maybe one down the hall. There are all kinds of sounds.

But this one was different. After the loud noise sounded a few times, we heard an announcement over a speaker system -- except that we couldn't understand it. I thought I heard something about behind the administration office. We heard scurrying in the hallway.

Then someone came to the door and confirmed our suspicions. It was a fire alarm!!!!

Now, here we are on 3rd floor - and he's hooked up to machines and such. (And him wearing what he calls "this dress" that's open down the back.)

The lady at the door said it was indeed a fire alarm, and then she started shutting the door. I asked what we were supposed to do.

She said to just wait. No one smelled any smoke. If there was anything to it, they would keep him (The Dawg) safe.

A short while later, someone else came and opened the door and said everything was okay.

Oh, well, so much for excitement in the hospital!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Carroll!! I did not know about the blog until Courtney told me just now so wanted you to know me, MOM, Bryson, Ken, Dee and the kids send all our love!! I love you and hope you hurry up and get better!! Can't have ya in the Dress!!! Ha ha!! Love Hugs and Kisses MWAH!!!