Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 4 with The Dawg

Well, there was a minor problem today, or perhaps it was major, depending on one's perspective. The Atlanta Braves' games don't always come on the same channel. Up until today, their games had been on channels that we couldn't get in the hospital room. Finally - today - the game between Atlanta and Arizona was scheduled on a channel available at Summerville Medical Center.

There was a rain delay. Actually, it was delayed so long that it was finally postponed! No Braves game today.

Most of Sunday, The Dawg was tired, sleepy and not feeling well, although he was breathing a bit better. By the evening, he had improved a little.

For a while his arm was hurting a lot where the IV entered his right arm. The nurse said he probably bent the tube a little and it was likely pressing against a vein or something. It hurt, but he also didn't want it taken out, having to reinsert it. Laura said she had to take it out. After it was done, Carroll was glad it had been done.

In this picture, he and Sonia are both smiling. I guess she hadn't stuck him with a needle or done anything to bother him at that point! The truth is that she never did anything to bother him. I'm not so sure how she got that big smile out of him, though.

Sandra is another of the Summerville Medical Center personnel taking care of him today. Like Sonia and all of the others, Sandra is very nice.

Here's Betty, so friendly and so polite -- and always smiling.

The Dawg had several visitors today. Before I got to the hospital, Edie, Jeffrey and Laura came to visit. Jeffrey and Laura are busy planning a wedding, but they were nice enough to take time to come by. Edie made some boiled peanuts for Carroll. He LOVES boiled peanuts!!

Sunday afternoon, "the twins" - Mary and Helen - came to visit. They are always lots of fun.

John and Deb came by for a while and brought a book for Carroll to read. Wasn't that nice? John is one of Carroll's best friends.

Another of Carroll's closest friends is Chuck. You should have seen the umbrella he was carrying! Carroll and I play a card game called "Fan Tan" with Chuck and his wife, their son and daughter-in-law. We also play Fan Tan with other folks from time to time, especially Mom.

Pastor Sue Briner from St. Luke's took time out of her very busy schedule to come by, chat and have a prayer with us. She's getting ready to go to a "Preaching Festival" in Atlanta for five days. She's looking forward to it, but it doesn't sound like much fun to me. However, Desmond Tutu is the opening speaker for the festival, so it must be a pretty big deal.

Sunday night Lisa came by with Jake, Ben and Kelly. Those boys are growing!

Carroll got a call from his son, Vic, tonight and he was glad to hear from him. Loads of people have called or e-mailed. Some of their messages are in the comments below this post and also below previous posts. He even received a call from Hazel in Scotland.
Mandy and Lorri called to check on Carroll; Wendy and Susan sent messages.


Sherry said...

From Hazel: Thanks for letting me know about Carroll, I worry about him butI'm sure he is good hands. We have been good friends for along time will you let me know if there ia any change and I will try to call him today, please give him my love and thank you. Hazel

Sherry said...

From Mary Smith:

Hi Sherry,
My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Thank you for letting us know.

Mary Smith

Sherry said...

From Shari and Ruben:

We are so relieved he has improved. Thank you very much for keeping us updated. We will have him in our thoughts and prayers (and you as well, for taking such good care of him).

Shari L. Grooms

Sherry said...

Another from Shari:

Thanks so much for the update. Ruben was so glad he got to visit him a couple of weeks ago. I am sure he will see him next week when he goes to cardiac rehab. Does he want visitors? Some people hate having visitors. Please let me know. Again, thank you. Shari

Shari L. Grooms

Sherry said...

From Pam and John in England:

so sorry to hear about Carroll, please give him our love and tell him we are thinking of him all the time. you take care of your self as well. lots of love Pam John

Sherry said...

From Marilyn:

When it rains it pours...We will be thinking about you and saying a prayer...thanks for keeping us posted.
Marilyn Zielke

Sherry said...

From Karen:

I'm sorry to hear about the plan changes, especially for this reason. Hope the drugs work well and quickly. I keep him, and you, in prayer.

Sherry said...

From Kim:

Thank you so much for the update. I will get by to see him on Sunday after I return from out of town. I am praying for him and please remind him to "Keep the Faith". I will keep checking the blog for any updates.

Thank you again.


Sherry said...

From Liz:

Miss Sherry!
The Carroll Smith blog is hysterical! My prayers are with you all!
Sending love,

Sherry said...

From Sandy and Leland:

Iin our prayers Sherry. Let us know if you need anything or just a place to take a break from the hospital. We're right around the corner.
Love you,
Leland & Sandy

Sherry said...

From George:

thanks for sharing this with us...keep me informed...thanks

Sherry said...

From Marty and Sharon:

Thank you for the update on Carroll. I saw him a week ago today when I was working the church office and asked him how he was feeling and he said "fine". So sorry to hear things have gone downhill since then. Please give him our best and tell him we're praying for him. Also, please keep us udated and take care of yourself, too. Sometimes the caretaker can keel over before the patient does!
Love, Sharon and Marty

pamela said...

hi Sherry,
Thanks for letting us know about Carroll. give him our love and tell him to get better because we have booked our flights for November 3rd. and we want to see you both at the Dixie Southern. tell him the dress does not suit him. blue is not his colour, red would be better. lots of love to you both Pam John.