Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dawg: Hospital Likes and Dislikes

This is the remote for the TV. This is a BIG dislike. Here's the reason. He can't go down on the channels, only up.

So, for example, if he has been watching something on channel 7 but wants to find something else. He can go up only. If he has just finished a show on 7 and knows there's a sports event on 5 that he wants to watch, he has to click on every channel up to about 125, then back to 2, 3, 4 and finally 5. No, he doesn't like this.

He liked his food tonight, especially the beef and rice.

Here, he's talking to Ella. She was the daytime nurse today -- and she's great. She even remembered us from his last stay in the hospital back in February (or early March.) Even if she weren't good, he'd like her. She has the same last name as a player for the Atlanta Braves. Nancy was there today also. Ella put up with a lot from us today - always with a smile.
Tonight, his nurse is Kevin, who is assisted by Tamme. I only got to see them briefly before leaving at 9 pm.

Oh, this picture also has a dislike. He dislikes the "dress" he is wearing. That's what he has been calling the hospital gown.

This sign, I guess, is a big like also. It's just outside his door; there's one just like it outside the door of the man in the next room. That's because both patients are men and both are named "Smith." Ella told The Dawg that if someone came in during the middle of the night with a humongous needle to tell 'em they had the wrong Smith.

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