Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 in the Hospital Part 1 - Good News

Carroll had the transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) today and the report is good. Dr. Coker said there is no vegetation on the other valve.

Team members look almost TOO happy to be starting this process, don't they?

There's still some infection in the lungs, based on yesterday's tests, so he's still on antibiotics. There's also a yeast infection in his mouth.

He has his cell phone and is able to receive calls on that, although he gets very winded while talking.

The Dawg has had some nice visitors this morning. Danny Seay came by, as did Ruben Grooms. Carroll's son, Vic, was at the hospital before, during and after the TEE. I wasn't in the room when Danny & Ruben stopped in, so I didn't get photos of them. Vic is pictured below.

Pat Gerwig, who works at Summerville Medical Center and who goes to church at St. Luke's, came by shortly after the procedure. Wanda Garris called to check on The Dawg today. She and Carroll worked together at the shipyard a "few" years ago. Wanda was stuck talking to me because Carroll had just been given the medicines to make him groggy for the procedure.

Courtney, his granddaughter, came by last night after I left. He enjoyed her visit also.

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