Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Day Two at the Hospital

It's Day Two for this hospital stay, and there are still likes and dislikes.

The Dawg is better today. This is a great big like. Of course, he's not well, but better than yesterday. Apparently the antibiotics, breathing treatments, rest, sleep, oxygen, etc. are all helping. He even sat up in a chair for a while today.

Here he is shown smoking a peace pipe. That's what he calls it but actually he's taking a breathing treatment. The Dawg wasn't supposed to be talking while taking the treatment, but he kept trying to talk anyway. Imagine that!

The respiratory therapist kept turning it off each time he talked. He's looking at her, just waiting to talk again.

Below, Mindy, the respiratory therapist, has a great big smile. Maybe it's because he FINALLY quit talking and finished the breathing treatment.

And, yes, he's still tired of wearing "this dress." The dress is a dislike.

Unfortunately, the TV in his hospital room doesn't have enough channels for him to get to see the Atlanta Braves play tonight, so that might cause a temporary setback. Being unable to see the Braves game is one of his dislikes.

Jane Hartwig from church (St. Luke's) came by today and prayed with him. When she left, he said he thought he felt better already! Now, that's a real big like!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Smith,
So today I feel as though I have hit a milestone in my respiratory career; never did I think I would be on a patient's website. :) I had a great time getting to know you today! Who would have thought that a 5 mintute breathing treatment would turn into 30 minutes of pigeon talk! Good luck with everything coming up, and remember all my tricks of the trade! (chapstick) You'll thank me later!
Best wishes!
Mindy Cate, RRT