Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 8 in the Hospital Part 3

Uh-oh. The Braves didn't win tonight. In fact, they got clobbered! That made this 4-game series with the Rockies 2 and 2.

But The Dawg can't really be upset when he's surrounded by such nice people.

Here's Latoria. She was laughing about something. You think it might have been his pulse rate??? Nah, I don't think so.

Anna is back after a vacation. She looks all rested!

Ernie "Pete" Black came by to visit tonight. Carroll had calls from Elke, as well as from Pam in Charlotte and Billy in Brevard.

I think Hazel called again from Scotland. We've gotten loads of calls and e-mails asking about Carroll: Rosa and Don, Ed & Diana, Pat, John, (brother) Shawn, Mom and more. The days are beginning to run together, as are visits and e-mails.

Tonight, after it was pretty obvious the Braves weren't winning, we worked on today's crossword while eating Edie's boiled peanuts and half-way watching the game.

Although Carroll is eager to leave the hospital, I think he has enjoyed all of the attention he has been getting.

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AmyZ1974 said...

Glad to hear Carroll is feeling better. Sounds like he has been in good hands with the wonderful nurses, doctor and therapists. Those flowers are beautiful!