Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 in the Hospital Part 2

Yippee! At some point tonight, The Dawg started feeling better. He's still on antibiotics, insulin, breathing treatments and several other medications.

All afternoon, he felt nauseous and was in pain. He didn't want to eat (except he was in the mood for peanut butter and thought he could handle that!) He hurt too much to talk and was too nauseated to sit up.

In the early evening - around 7:30-ish - he started feeling better. We aren't certain why.

Maybe the pain medicine kicked in, maybe the anti-nausea medicine kicked in and maybe the medicine that made him groggy for the TEE procedure early in the day finally wore off.

We both believe, though, he started feeling better while Pastor Bob Holley was there. Carroll really enjoys those visits from Bob Holley.

Not to take away from Bob, but it was right after his visit that Carroll learned the Braves were leading in the game against the Rockies. That certainly didn't hurt anything!

And, then again, maybe he perked up because he knew I was leaving after about nine hours of being there and bugging him!

You know the old saying: Some people make others happy by their arrival - and some by their leaving!

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