Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Day Out of the Hospital

During The Dawg's last two days in the hospital, he was just itching to get out. He had energy, he said; he felt better.

Well, he IS better, but he's also realizing that what felt like energy IN the hospital is not the same outside the hospital. He's still very weak, tires easily and is very short of breath. Just talking on the phone is a struggle.

He gets weaker just walking to the kitchen or lifting anything at all, which is why he needs to rest, relax and do nothing.

We went to the Waffle House today. Thank goodness, there was a parking spot right at the front door, but Carroll still got tired walking in.

He lost a lot of weight during his 9-day stay at Summerville Medical Center. Of course, a meal a day at the Waffle House like the one he had today will put the weight back on.

And, naturally, I'm not going to sit there and watch him eat without also eating, so I'll probably be gaining as well. It's the story of my life - at least for the last few years!

The Braves won last night, so that was a picker-upper for Carroll. It was a great game!!!

He misses all of the nice, attentive folks at the hospital, but there are two things he likes about being out: he can watch all of the Braves' games AND he doesn't have to wear that "dress" any more.

We have more pictures that were taken yesterday at the hospital. Most were taken while the wonderful folks were rolling him out of the room for tests or bringing him back in after those tests. The two chest x-rays were done in the room.

It's amazing how mobile such equipment is now. There is so much that can be done right in the room. Even the transesophageal echocardigram earlier this week was done in his room.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith,
Im so glad you got to go home! We really enjoyed your stay while you were here. You and Sherry both brought a new element to our hospital...i think you earned the title of "First Patient Blogger". Hopefully soon you will regain your strength...and with all of those boiled peanuts, you are sure to put the weight back on. Good luck, and keep us informed! We are all rooting for you!
Best wishes,
Mindy Cate, RRT