Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Update

Woo-hoo! We went to a movie this afternoon. This was The Dawg's first day going anywhere. I dropped him off right in front of the theater, then found a parking space. Even so, by the time we got to our seats, he was winded and tired. It takes a while to get strength back after what he's been through, but he's making progress! Yippee!

We also ate hamburgers and hot dogs with Vic, Edie, Jeffrey, Laura and Courtney. Vic & Edie live on the same street and only a few doors away, but we still went in the car. Carroll watched part of the Braves game there and part back home. The end result certainly wasn't what he hoped for.

Vic grilled some delicious hamburgers and Laura made scrumptious cinnamon bread that was like cake.

Pam and John from England sent a message but left it on my blog instead of this one, so I'm re-posting it as a comment below.

Why did I use this picture of the upper part of his face? I don't know. Maybe just to show that he still wears a hat. It's best if I don't try to explain myself.


Sherry said...

From Pam and John in the U.K.:
Hi Sherry & Carroll,
all the pigeon fanciers that met Carroll when he was staying with us in Southend UK. send there love and wish him well. they were shocked to hear he was in the hospital. we are thinking of him all the time take care of him for us. tell him to get well as we aim to see you both in November.
lots of love Pam John

susan said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you both today. Danny and Susan